Build muscle

Our calorie-torching HIIT workouts will leave you breathless and will help you strengthen and tone the entire body.


Embrace your inner athlete. Get pumped with a full-body workout utilizing fun equipment like sandbags, battle ropes, kettlebells, and more! This class is designed to crush calories, burn fat, and build lean muscle.

Armed and Dangerous

Strengthen, tone, and build muscle in the upper body.

All About the Booty

A RIDE209 favorite that targets the glutes and legs. It helps lift and tone the booty, and sculpt and define your legs. 

Butts And Guts

Wanting to work toward that six pack and also work on your booty? This class is for you!


Get maximum calorie burn! This class uses your body weight to burn fat and get results.


These classes are designed to build muscle and increase muscle mass in specific areas of the body.