While we offer the area’s best facilities and classes, who we are is as important as what we provide.

Team photo

This starts with a sense of community. When you walk through our doors, you immediately feel connected to our positive, encouraging team and to your fellow fitness enthusiasts. Plus, research shows that 95% of people work out harder and stick to their workout schedule longer when they’re in a group atmosphere.

We also have a “come as you are” philosophy. Our clients are of all ages and fitness levels. The one thing they all have in common is a commitment to taking the next step in their fitness journey. No judgement. No competition. Just invigorating workouts among friends.   

Challenging workouts are another aspect of our core philosophy. Any exercise at RIDE209 can be (and should be) modified to align with a person’s capabilities. But within that framework, we believe that growth and transformation—whether it’s body fat loss or muscle gained—happen when you’re challenged to get outside your comfort zone. Our skilled and experienced trainers design balanced workouts that are both fun and demanding. Didn’t hit your goal today? We’ll be ready to cheer your success when you nail it next time!

And finally, we agree that “Variety is the spice of life.” No fitness studio in the area offers the variety of classes available to you at RIDE209. Choose from more than 60 classes a week including cycle, HIIT, strength training, Pilates reformer, barre, boxing, and various types of yoga.