Please try to come to the studio 15 minutes before class begins. Let the front desk know if you are new, and we will get you outfitted with cycling shoes, and set you up on a bike.

Waiver and Release: We need you to fill out a waiver and release form.  You can also download it and bring it with you.  If you are under the age of 18, we will need a parent signature as well.

Waiver and Release


We require you to wear cycling shoes.  Cycling shoes provide a more stable, effective, and safe ride.  These shoes also allow you to work the correct muscle groups.  Cycling shoes are on us as part of the fee for the class.


Our studio is the first in the 209 to feature top-of-the-line Schwinn Carbon Blue bikes that track your RPMs, heart rate, calories burned, speed/distance, and power. We use FitMetrix, a technology that allows you to track your stats as well.  In addition to the elaborate cycle theater, RIDE209 has an additional space dedicated to strength training to compliment the cycle classes.  RIDE209 has digital lockers, showers, and spa grade amenities as well.  To top it all off, we have a “NUTRITION” bar to replenish your body with protein shakes and other nutritious offerings.

RIDE209 offers a “fresh” take on fitness with our unique class offerings.

Ride 209

Our signature ride is a high intensity, low impact ride. RIDE209 is an exhilarating and challenging ride that features indoor cycling techniques combined with upper body hand weights, choreographed to the rhythm of energetic music that will keep you motivated. Caution: This ride will crush calories!!

Performance Ride

This ride features traditional indoor cycling techniques that help reach your fitness goals whether your goal is to burn fat, get toned, or compete in a triathlon this ride will do the trick! This ride will provide you with the interval training to help you rev up your fitness!!

Intro Ride

If you haven’t taken an indoor cycling class, this ride is perfect to teach you the proper form and technique in indoor cycling.

Express Ride

This 30 minute ride is short and sweet. Designed to help busy people get fit fast and give your metabolism a helpful boost.

Ride for Change

This ride is dedicated to making a difference and giving to charities. One hundred percent of the proceeds of this ride will go to a charity. Get a great work out and make a positive difference in the world around you!!

Theme Ride

This ride reflects a theme. Occasionally we will have theme rides. For Example: all 80’s music RIDE, Country music RIDE, Hip Hop RIDE, Beyonce RIDE etc.

Private Ride

Customize your ride experience. Book your own private ride, whether it’s for a birthday or bachelorette party. We will design a ride to meet your objectives and give you that custom experience to make your occasion special!!

TRX and Strength Training

Reach your fitness goals with these classes designed to tone and strengthen your body. With the use of TRX and other modalities, our certified instructors help you reach your fitness goals!!

Rules of the Ride


Please try to allow your self enough time to get your bike properly set up.


In order to maintain a distraction free environment, we ask that all cell phones be kept out of the cycle room.  We offer digital lockers to safe guard your items.


No talking during class, respect your neighbor’s ride.


Our goal is to harness the group’s energy, by riding as a pack.  If you want to do your own thing, please reserve a bike towards the back of the room.


We work hard; hydration is necessary and important. Please make sure you drink enough water before class and make sure you have enough with you for the entire ride.


In order to maintain the energy of the ride, we ask that you stay until the end of the ride.  If you absolutely need to leave early, please reserve a bike by the door, and exit quickly and quietly.