feel good


Replenish yourself: mind, body, and soul

Heated Power Flow

Prepare to sweat and build strength in your body. This class is designed to help you reach new levels of strength, flexibility, and mental toughness.


Coordinating movement with breath, flow through a series of yoga poses that build muscle strength and help soothe the mind.

Yin Yoga

Experience solitude, peace, and release. This class is designed to stretch and relieve tension in connective tissue, fascia, and muscles. Expect to leave this class feeling relaxed from the deep release of tightness and stress held in the body.

Feel Good Flow

This yoga class is great for all fitness levels. It improves flexibility and strengthens the body.

Aerial Yoga

Come fly with us! Using silk hammocks, we combine Pilates and yoga elements to improve flexibility, strengthen the entire body, improve spinal health, and encourage circulation.